Denver awards first marijuana social-use business permit

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And the winner is … The Coffee Joint.

That’s the moniker of a proposed coffee shop that wants to allow customers to vape cannabis and use edibles onsite under a social-use permit it was awarded Monday, The Denver Post reported.

The company is the first in the city to win one of the permits, which were approved by voters in 2016 but have since mostly gone unused because of stringent regulatory requirements that all applicants must comply with.

Customers who wish to use cannabis at The Coffee Joint must bring their own, and there’s a strict no-smoking policy: Only vaping and edibles allowed.

The owners of the coffee shop are also closely connected with a cannabis retailer next door – the two owners both have equity stakes in the dispensary.

But since The Coffee Joint won’t be allowed to sell cannabis directly, there will be a $5 cover charge for admission.

The shop will serve basic coffee and tea, according to the Post, along with non-infused foods, retail items and other attractions.

A second social-use applicant in Denver – Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge – is still awaiting permit approval.