Denver issues proposed rules for social marijuana use

Denver, which could become the first major U.S. city to allow cannabis consumption at mainstream businesses like restaurants and clubs, has put forward proposed rules to govern places that want to allow marijuana use on their premises.

The proposed regulations – which were issued by the head of the city’s Department of Excise and Licensing – won’t be finalized until June, and the department will start accepting applications in July from companies that want to allow MJ use, the Denver Post reported.

The change is a result of the success of Initiative 300, a local ballot measure that voters approved last November to allow companies within city boundaries to allow cannabis use as long as they have the support of a local neighborhood association.

A few highlights from the proposal:

  • If indoor vaping is allowed, companies would have to establish a ventilation plan.
  • If the business has a liquor license, alcohol sales would have to cease while MJ use is occurring, to avoid “dual consumption” by patrons.
  • Companies would need “detailed plans” for marijuana waste disposal, employee training to prevent illegal distribution and underage entry, and more.
  • License application fees will total around $2,000.
  • Consumption areas cannot be visible to the public, within 1,000 feet of a school, or in a residential zoned area, and one-time events that take place on public lands won’t be eligible for consumption permits.

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2 comments on “Denver issues proposed rules for social marijuana use
  1. Scott J. Thorstad on

    Dual consumption? WTF seriously? Oh no… Scary! And the special training? I guess it’s most likely the same training to work with alcohol. And what is this local neighborhood association business? I guess you wouldn’t want to do it where people are objectionable… But FQ YEAH!!!! GO MJ!

  2. Warren Holden on

    So the rules basicly say that getting to do legally what people are already doing sub Rosa is not going to be easy so continue doing what you are doing .

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