Denver may allow marijuana shops to stay open later

The Denver City Council may roll back the mandatory closing time for cannabis retailers from 7 p.m. to either 10 p.m. or perhaps midnight under a proposal being considered by a special committee.

But don’t expect an imminent decision. The issue will remain unresolved for at least a few more weeks, as the council solicits additional public input.

Mandated closing times for Denver marijuana shops makes them less competitive than many other retailers that are technically located in other metro-area municipalities and suburbs that allow MJ shops to stay open as late as midnight, the Denver Post reported.

The Denver industry has been pushing city officials for retail-hour equity for some time, but the issue has generated controversy, with anti-cannabis advocates arguing the current closing time of 7 p.m. is just fine. The council has also heard from neighbors who don’t want hours extended, in part because of the noise generated by customers at shops in residential areas.

The council may wind up agreeing on a middle ground, such as extending hours until 10 p.m., the Post reported.

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One comment on “Denver may allow marijuana shops to stay open later
  1. Tony Ottomanelli on

    Altogether, I live in the Denver suburbs, one in which no dispensaries are even allowed to operate and it is less than 10 miles from downtown. All shops close at 7pm and it is extremely inconvenient to the consumer since many do not get out of work until 6pm. The argument that neighbors have “complained of the noise generated by customers at shops in residential areas” is complete and utter nonsensical lies. I truly doubt anyone has complained. There are about 4 or 5 shops in Edgewater, a bordering suburb of Denver, that do stay open until 11:45p.m. (basically midnight) but you cannot enter if it is after quarter till 12. Regardless, Dispensaries pose no noise threat. If in fact, some neighbors have actually made noise complaints, it is because of the local bars serving alcohol, a far-more dangerous substance. If they are hearing the noisy bar that books live bands to perform and has no windows during good weather days, why would a quiet dispensary with no patio or outside disturbances ever occurring become these anti-cannabis advocates’ argumentative point? Because they have nothing else to complain about, they’re out of options and there is simply nothing for them to use any more to argue their backwards beliefs. In order to allow this very young industry to reach its full potential, we must allow more shops, especially in the city, to stay open much later than only 7pm (most of the time, it is not even dark outside yet). Of course, 10pm would be far more convenient for the consumers and midnight would be ideal. Hopefully, they reach a reasonable compromise as this would be a game changer for the CO economical goals.

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