Denver police warn marijuana businesses of ‘uptick in burglaries’

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The Denver Police Department warned Colorado cannabis businesses that it’s seeing an increase in burglaries at dispensaries and is encouraging operators to report any suspicious activities.

In an online bulletin, the department wrote, “Dear Marijuana Industry, (the DPD) is seeing an uptick in burglaries at marijuana facilities.”

The letter outlined several suggested steps, both proactive and reactive, that businesses can take to try to prevent burglaries and how to respond safely if a robbery is in progress.

“Help us help you,” the bulletin notes.

Some of tips include:

  • Ensure a business has an alarm-use permit issued by the city’s Department of Excise and Licenses. Without one, police will not be dispatched to respond to an alarm.
  • Lock up cannabis products in a safe overnight.
  • Place video cameras strategically to ensure video of every entrance, any area where vehicles may approach the building and on the inside of buildings so faces are captured.
  • Install motion detectors as a backup to video cameras and other security measures.
  • Make sure the entire security system is equipped with a failure notification so owners will know if the system isn’t working.
  • Report any suspicious activity to police.
  • If a business suspects it’s being robbed, do not search the building, since suspects may be armed.

For more details on the posted warning, click here.