Dispensary Raids Ramping Up Across Michigan

In the past week, law enforcement raids against Michigan medical cannabis dispensaries have been ramping up, and storefronts all across the state have been targeted.

In total, at least 16 dispensaries have been hit by various law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, multiple sheriff’s offices and the Michigan State Police. All of the raids are tied to allegations that the dispensaries were knowingly selling cannabis to individuals who were not registered MMJ patients.

The raids began last Thursday, in northern Michigan, where a dozen dispensaries were raided in two counties, according to At least two men have so far been arrested and charged with illegal distribution, and further arrests connected to the raids are expected.

Nine of those dispensaries raided were in the town of Gaylord, and were targeted despite a recent municipal ordinance in support of dispensaries being approved by the city council.

Another four dispensaries in western Michigan were hit by officers also last week, in Allegan County, to the south of Grand Rapids. At those four, undercover officers purchased cannabis before the raids. During the raids, illegal edibles were seized, and other evidence led to an illegal cultivation operation.

Additionally, Detroit cops are planning a “big crackdown” on dispensaries come April 1, according to a local TV report.

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2 comments on “Dispensary Raids Ramping Up Across Michigan
  1. mcb on

    Why in gods name would you sell illegally when you just spent all that time and money to get a license that allows you to sell legally?

    Ignorance like that is what is making it harder for the rest of us!

  2. Matthew Abel on

    Michigan law allows transfer only from caregiver to up to five registered patients. The dispensaries are being targeted for selling to patients for whom they are not the caregiver. The law needs revision, and dispensaries operate with the grace of the local authorities (and the swat teams, which don’t have much grace).

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