Entrepreneur tied to Trump poured $500K into ancillary cannabis firm

The son of a power couple with direct ties to President Donald Trump has invested half a million dollars into an ancillary medical marijuana firm, the New York Daily News reported.

Shane McMahon – the son of Vince McMahon, who once had his head shaved by Trump during a WWE Wrestlemania event – and Linda McMahon, who runs the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in the Trump cabinet, put $500,000 behind EnviroGrow in 2015, according to the newspaper.

The Connecticut-based company specializes in products for MMJ cultivators.

The SBA has not commented on McMahon’s investment, but a source told the Daily News that Shane McMahon “thought (MMJ) was going to be a big boom and make a lot of money.”

Shane McMahon later sued EnviroGrow in an attempt to recoup his investment, however, and claimed he’d been duped by the company. The suit is ongoing.