Entrepreneurs Prepping for Medical Marijuana Legalization in PA

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A medical marijuana legalization bill has come up against stiff resistance in the Pennsylvania Legislature, and the likelihood that it will pass seems remote now.

Yet a good number of entrepreneurs are still eagerly planning new businesses, hoping for a last-minute miracle.

The bill, which Gov. Tom Wolf has already pledged to sign into law if it reaches his desk, would allow for 65 cultivators, 65 processors and 130 MMJ dispensaries around the state.

A new trade group called the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society (PMCS) told Pennlive.com that it has already been contacted by “several hundred people” who want to get into the marijuana business, including many from outside the state.

That includes one company called Keystone Organic Farms, which has a plan for a subterranean MMJ grow site located in an old limestone mine. The company has been prepping for the MMJ industry for “years,” according to the Pennlive.com report, in anticipation of legalization.

One of the company’s key players was also involved in founding cannabis society, which is planning on launching a trade magazine in the fall and hiring staffers the state capital as well as in Philadelphia.

The legalization bill passed the state Senate but may now die in a state House of Representatives committee because the chairman is opposed to MMJ.