EU pause on CBD won’t affect thousands of products on UK shelves – for now

British health regulators say that thousands of CBD products currently on store shelves in the United Kingdom aren’t in immediate danger of removal because European Union officials are delaying plans to authorize CBD-infused foods and dietary supplements.

Officials with the U.K.’s Food Standards Agency told Nutraingredients that this week’s decision by the EU’s European Food Safety Authority won’t affect roughly 5,980 CBD products with temporary permission to be sold while the FSA reviews safety information about them.

The FSA is combing through about 900 safety dossiers submitted by CBD manufacturers, according to Nutraingredients, which covers dietary supplements and functional foods.

For now, the FSA recommends that adults limit CBD consumption to 70 milligrams per day.

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Delays in the U.K. safety review have prompted some members of Parliament to suggest overhauling the nation’s process for authorizing CBD products.

Lisa Nelson, a spokeswoman for the U.K.’s Food Standards Agency, told the news agency that CBD products would be removed from shelves if regulators there find “credible evidence” that CBD poses a threat to consumers.