FDA advisory panel gives thumbs-up to CBD epilepsy treatment

A CBD treatment for epilepsy is closer to becoming the first cannabis medicine approved for the U.S. market.

A panel of government health advisers gave a unanimous recommendation Thursday to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve Epidiolex, a CBD medicine for rare epilepsy conditions that don’t respond to other drugs.

The panel voted unanimously to recommend that the FDA approve Epidiolex after hearing presentations on the drug’s effectiveness and safety.

The recommendation doesn’t bind the agency to approving Epidiolex, but its recommendations carry serious weight.

The FDA has said it will issue a decision by late June.

(Click here to read the full story at Hemp Industry Daily.)

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7 comments on “FDA advisory panel gives thumbs-up to CBD epilepsy treatment
  1. Brett Von Bergen on

    Finally, the government may actually acknowledge what we all already knew…’s a medicine! Time to reschedule!!!!!

    • Robert Howland on

      Brett. Indeed. HOWEVER, none of we supporters want a RE-schedule; it really needs to be DE-scheduled! A re-schedule to II or III will bring incredible regulation to an already burdened industry; costs will go thru the roof at every level, which will trickle to consumers. Just my 2 cents 😉

      • Paul Sorensen on

        Yeah Robert, It seems to be a de-schedule necessity. The state level legalization is great because it’s a unified effort to refute the federal stance. It’s too slow for my taste. But both parties are coming on board. If it happened tomorrow, it wouldn’t be soon enough.

        • M on

          I don’t think decriminalizion occurs until the next administration. From classified as a narcotic to federally legal is to big a leap at this point. While Midterm elections historically go against a president’s party, no matter who majority of both chambers, which is unlikely anyway-there won’t be enough of a majority to pass legislation. And if dems manage to take over anyway, republicans will block the vote. Despite what politicians & media would have us believe, it’s the politicians/media that are more divided than the public on just about every issue. It could be as ridiculous as spite alone that leads to ongoing lack of compromise. I may be wrong, but for banks to play fair, it will take federal legalization. At least the massive hypocrisy surround this issue has begun to swing towards common sense, logic, facts, science, etc.

  2. Christopher Simmons on

    The FDA is now in a “politically precarious “ situation. Epidiolex is a “cannabis-based” entity, that has been characterized as a “MEDICINAL PRODUCT “ for intractable seizures in children and it WORKS!!! International researcher has shown that it is efficacious (it works). But to imply that this is a “Medicine”, would mean that the FDA, DEA, and Federal Government would have to REMOVE cannabis from “Schedule 1”- drugs that have no medicinal value (heroine, ecstasy, LSD).
    Let’s see if our corrupt government institutions will cow tow to “Big Pharma’s” lobbying interest (Opiates), or will they do what’s in the best interest of public health

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