First Florida CBD dispensary ready for launch

Florida’s first dispensary plans to open Tuesday, roughly two years after the state legalized CBD-based medicine.

The distinction of being the first business in the state to legally sell CBD products goes to Trulieve in North Florida, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Not far behind is Alpha/Surterra, a company with offices in Tampa and Tallahassee that had its first harvest last week. The company plans to start dispensing later this summer, the Times reported.

Besides Truelieve and Surterra, another four nurseries are growing and extracting oil from cannabis, according to Florida’s Department of Health.

Trulieve plans to open additional dispensaries outside Tallahassee, CEO Kim Rivers told the Times. Until then, patients can order medical cannabis from anywhere in Florida, and it should take less than a week to get delivered, Rivers said.

Under the 2014 law, patients are only allowed to use CBD-heavy medicine unless they are terminally ill, in which case they can use cannabis with THC.

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