First MA Dispensary Slated to Open in Spring

The smell of flowers could be particularly strong in one city north of Boston this spring. Cannabis flowers, that is.

Massachusetts’ first licensed medical marijuana dispensary is aiming to open its doors in Salem in the next few months.

Alternative Therapies Group – which recently received a medical cannabis cultivation and distribution certificate from the state – plans to begin growing marijuana “immediately,” with plans to open a dispensary by spring, the company wrote on its website.

The company, however, must still pass state inspections, which include a close review of security operations, floor plans, cultivation practices, transportation standards and other areas, according to BostInno.

The development comes as welcome news in a state that’s struggled to implement its MMJ program, which is reeling from accusations of nepotism and a flawed licensing process.

At one point in November, there was even fear that marijuana dispensaries could face federal prosecution over zoning issues.

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