First MA Dispensary Slated to Open in Spring

The smell of flowers could be particularly strong in one city north of Boston this spring. Cannabis flowers, that is.

Massachusetts’ first licensed medical marijuana dispensary is aiming to open its doors in Salem in the next few months.

Alternative Therapies Group – which recently received a medical cannabis cultivation and distribution certificate from the state – plans to begin growing marijuana “immediately,” with plans to open a dispensary by spring, the company wrote on its website.

The company, however, must still pass state inspections, which include a close review of security operations, floor plans, cultivation practices, transportation standards and other areas, according to BostInno.

The development comes as welcome news in a state that’s struggled to implement its MMJ program, which is reeling from accusations of nepotism and a flawed licensing process.

At one point in November, there was even fear that marijuana dispensaries could face federal prosecution over zoning issues.

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10 comments on “First MA Dispensary Slated to Open in Spring
  1. Pep on

    If anyone is wrondering why we still don’t have Med Marijuana dispensary’s in this state?
    Contact Sen. Mark Montegny He has told more than one person that he would not let this happen as long as he is in office no dispensarys will open…..

  2. JOHN on

    I wonder how this sen.would feel if he was suffering from chronic pain for the last 18 years because of TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA and the ONLY relief is marijuana. ITS TIME HE IS NO LONGER IN OFFICE ! JOHN

  3. Moira Morrison on

    I too am desperate to be able to buy it in the ingestible form which is the most effective way of dealing with my daily and chronic Nausea that medicines have not been able to control for over 20 years now. Cannabis is the one thing that allows me to have enough time not suffering from Nausea to eat a healthy diet and lead a fairly normal life. I have gone through all the hoops and hurdles and paid for the license and yet there is none available to me. Is there a way to get a petition together and contact Senator Elizabeth Warren for her assistance?

  4. Kris on

    That Salem dispensary wants you to make an appointment to see them? After spending hundreds on CannaCare and registering with the state DPH? Appointment? Nah…I’ll stay underground. Just isn’t worth the time and hassle.

  5. Yami on

    I would like to open a cannabis medible* shoppe with lots of great treats. I need help to talk to the right people with this. I want to help suffering patients with ways to ingest the THC with out walking around smelling like a marijuana plant. Time to change the perception and stigmas of weed!

  6. claude on

    then we should be able to purchase in a neighboring state’
    national cards anyone?
    i’ve already been ripped off for $406.00 out of desperation.

  7. Sonny on

    Guess no smell of flowers in massachusetts since theyintroduced a regilation allowinh only 212 parts per billion of lead which no growsr can accomplish. So all despensaries will only carry extracts which is fine but mist people prefer flowers including me so till they get flowers imnot oaying for a patient card wheni csn buy them just down the street. This program is a cruel joke

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