Malta’s first adult-use ‘cannabis club’ begins recruitment, sales

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Malta’s first adult-use “cannabis club” is fully operational, a little more than two years after the European Union country adopted a law that liberalized its marijuana rules.

The Maltese cannabis association, KDD Society, said more than 150 members had joined in the first two days, the Times of Malta newspaper reported.

Malta doesn’t allow adult-use marijuana stores.

Instead, consumers must join a nonprofit cannabis association, such as the KDD Society, where they can purchase a maximum of 7 grams of marijuana per day and up to 50 grams per month.

Another Maltese publication, Malta Today, said KDD Society had begun selling cannabis to its registered members.

Last October, KDD Society was one of two clubs that were granted cultivation licenses.

Club members are allowed to buy up to 20 seeds per month for home cultivation.

Malta’s cannabis clubs are required to be operated as nonprofits and must be owned by people, not corporations.

In 2021, Malta approved Europe’s first law allowing consumers to possess, buy and grow adult-use cannabis.

Also that year, Malta launched the Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC), the nation’s marijuana regulatory authority.