First marijuana retailer in Tacoma, Washington, shuttered for not paying taxes

A nearly 4-year-old cannabis retail operation in Tacoma has been closed down because it had an unpaid state tax bill of $1.4 million.

The Washington state Liquor and Cannabis Board revoked the business license of Rainier on Pine and also seized all cannabis products at the shop, The News Tribune reported.

The company, also known as Xander’s Green Goods, has received “multiple administrative violation notices” from the state regarding its tax bill since 2016, according to the newspaper.

The Liquor and Cannabis Board began license revocation proceedings last March because the company hadn’t paid $768,000 in back excise taxes at that time.

Since then, the tax bill has nearly doubled.

An administrative law judge granted a summary judgment against Rainier on Pine last fall, and the Liquor and Cannabis Board adopted it in early January, which led to the retailer’s license renewal being denied.

Ranier on Pine, Tacoma’s first cannabis retailer, is attempting to get a stay on the agency’s closure order. A hearing is slated for Feb. 16.

If the revocation stands, the seized cannabis products will be destroyed.

The shop first opened for business in August 2014, according to The News Tribune.

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One comment on “First marijuana retailer in Tacoma, Washington, shuttered for not paying taxes
  1. steven on

    Taxs? I know they have to pay but there is no banking and no tax breaks and were still illegal under federal law. BUT the money hungry tax’s still have to be paid. WOW what a corrupt system we have.


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