Five companies picked to grow medical cannabis in Arkansas

Arkansas cannabis regulators on Tuesday announced the five companies the state intends to license to grow medical marijuana under a voter-approved amendment that legalized MMJ for certain patients.

The growers approved by the Medical Marijuana Commission will provide cannabis for the 32 MMJ dispensaries the state eventually will license.

The cultivation licenses are contingent on the companies paying a $100,000 licensing fee and posting a $500,000 performance bond.

Arkansas’ five approved cultivation companies are:

  • Natural State Medicinals Cultivation in Jefferson County
  • Bold Team, Woodruff County
  • Natural State Wellness Enterprises, Jefferson County or Jackson County
  • Osage Creek Cultivation, Carroll County
  • Delta Medical Cannabis Company, Jackson County

A March 2018 target for the launch for MMJ sales has been delayed by lawsuits from rejected business license applicants.

– Associated Press

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5 comments on “Five companies picked to grow medical cannabis in Arkansas
  1. R Davis on

    A news story underneath this one posted 16 hrs ago says the State of Nevada grossed 195 million in first 6 months selling recreational marijuana. I don’t know why Arkansas wouldn’t want to get on board on that aspect alone!! It’s a win-win situation The people of Arkansas voted this in about this three years ago?? The Arkansas state legislature as well as the Arkansas Medical Marijuana committee overseeing this issue are stalling on delivering for people with legit medical need! I think it’s time for “them” to get with the program and get on with the growing of this simple plant! And for the ppl who have already received notice from the state health department saying YES to them! I’m ready for a march on our state capital to get things going! This is ridiculous!

    • Honest Abe on

      It was voted in on November 6, 2016, not 3 years ago. Get you facts straight and perhaps people will know you are not just putting out bunk information and bunk opinions.

      • R Davis on

        “Honest Abe” I’m a year off-I stand “corrected”. My opinion isn’t “bunk” as you say. I happen to be a pt waiting for the ppl overseeing this issue to get it together. What is your concern with my opinion? I’m intitled to an opinion on the subject and if all you can do is criticize why don’t you keep it to yourself?! I have a legitimate medical need. What’s it to you? Fact checking on everyone who stands up and voices a legitimate opinion??

  2. ME Bellinger on

    Without a provision for home cultivation regular folks won’t be able to afford the medication they need. Come on, $600,000 just to apply?
    Check out the Michigan law, the state has 28 days to refuse a license. After 28 days the application is automatically issued. Twelve plants per person, 2 1/2 ounces of ready to smoke on hand.

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