FL billionaire heiress donates $800K to MMJ legalization foe

Florida billionaire Carol Jenkins Barnett, who is heir to the supermarket chain Publix, is reportedly behind an $800,000 donation to Drug Free Florida, an organization that is fighting against medical marijuana legalization in the Sunshine State.

The Jenkins Barnett Family Trust made the donation on July 14, the Miami New Times reported this week.

Barnett is worth $1.8 billion herself and owns 5% of Publix as the chain’s largest shareholder. She also gave half a million to Drug Free Florida two years ago, when MMJ legalization failed narrowly at the ballot box.

A company spokeswoman for Publix was quick to distance the business from the hot-button issue, saying the company had nothing to do with the donation and has taken no stance on MMJ legalization.

Ben Pollara, the campaign manager for United for Care, which is behind the legalization measure, said he thinks Barnett is “pissing away her money.”

A recently released poll by United for Care found that 77% of Floridians support legalizing medical cannabis.

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6 comments on “FL billionaire heiress donates $800K to MMJ legalization foe
  1. Bill McConnell on

    Could it be the Big Pharma is down 50% in states that have Medical Marijuana approved?

    Just another good reason to find someplace else to spend your money other then PUBLIX

  2. Cactus Bill on

    It’s an unfortunate fact that a consequence of the enormous wealth concentrations of the past 35 years has enabled the 1% to alter democracy at will. That won’t solve itself, rather only get worse. To this point, a majority of voters continue to favor policy that “protects” the mega rich. The chickens keep voting for Colonel Sanders.(?)

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