FL officials may be dragging their feet on MMJ implementation

Despite medical cannabis having set a record nationwide last week in Florida when it comes to the margin of victory at the ballot box, it appears state health officials may be putting up roadblocks in the implementation of the new law.

Cannabis industry attorney Gerry Greenspoon told a Miami NBC affiliate that the Florida Department of Health is trying to expand the Sunshine State’s limited CBD law instead of fully implementing the much-broader Amendment 2, which won more than 70% voter support in the Nov. 8 election.

“It may actually be illegal and unconstitutional, contrary to what was passed,” Greenspoon told the TV station.

For example, he said, the department’s website is distributing information that contradicts the language of Amendment 2, including a notification that MMJ patients are required to have a three-month relationship with any physician who writes a cannabis recommendation for them, the station reported.

It all means Florida’s rollout of a new medical cannabis industry could be filled with more regulatory bumps down the road, creating uncertainty for potential MMJ business licensees.

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