Florida’s CBD Program Cleared For Takeoff

Florida’s long-awaited CBD program could move into the fast lane now now that a Tallahassee judge has sided with the state and ruled that officials can move forward with licensing businesses.

Barring any remaining legal setbacks, Florida can begin accepting applications for business permits within three weeks and license five companies to grow, process and distribute low-THC, high-CBD marijuana as early as this summer, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

A nursery had previously sued Florida, alleging that the rules were written to favor larger, politically connected growers. Administrative Hearings Judge David Watkins, however, sided with the state.

Implementation of the law – approved by state lawmakers a year ago – has been delayed by repeated legal problems and multiple attempts to rewrite regulations.

Licenses will be restricted to horticultural growers that have been in business for at least 30 years and have the capacity for a minimum of 400,000 plants.

Companies will have just 21 days to file their applications after the state begins the process, and then officials will have 60 days to choose the winners. There will also be a geographic distribution of the licenses, with one each given out in southeast, southwest, central, northwest and northeast Florida.

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3 comments on “Florida’s CBD Program Cleared For Takeoff
  1. Berkshire Investment Group on

    We hear good news that MJNA, Medical Marijuana Inc, is about to make a huge announcement. CBD sales are about to get the green light for distribution within medical offices is what we feel. Huge potential for MJNA that specializes in hemp CBD products.

  2. dale on

    This is so unjust that only large nurseries are getting this business and the wrong limitations on cannabis plants are being systematically set for big business It should be changed and made for any person who takes training and gets certified for medical marijuana should be able to have a private garden and ability to have an garden locked up in private.

    • Weedverine on

      You are very right. There used to be sort sort of concept of what America was, at least in the since of someone starting and running a business. It now seems that anyone of perceived lower class, in the eyes of the government, should rather be just above poor monetary cattle, and watch all the good opportunities to the big companies. Its disgusting really. And its so commonplace right now, that they do it right out in the open.

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