Florida legislative panel wants 10% THC limit on smokable medical marijuana

A Florida House committee wants to limit the strength of smokable medical marijuana to 10% THC, a development that likely would dampen retail sales.

The House Health and Human Services Committee approved the bill Wednesday over the objections of patient advocates, just weeks after the state lifted a ban on smokable forms of the plant.

Opponents argue that marijuana with higher THC levels are already on the market and that capping the percentage would hurt patients and boost black-market marijuana sales.

The 12-5 vote was along party lines, with Republicans in favor and Democrats against.

Committee chair Ray Rodrigues, a Republican, claimed studies have shown marijuana with THC levels above 10% can induce psychosis in some users and THC levels below that amount have been effective for medical use.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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14 comments on “Florida legislative panel wants 10% THC limit on smokable medical marijuana
    • Edward McShea on

      We should contact DrRodrigues I am sorry I mean Rep st 239-433-6501and tell how we feel about paying 752 dollars for an ounce.

  1. DJF on

    Ray Rodrigues needs to read more into the psychosis thing. Limiting THC is nothing but a backend tax, meaning people have to buy more in order to achieve success. Nice move Florida, your inexperience and southern attitudes are showing.

    • Merrilyn Kroll on

      Massachusetts is very liberal , not Southern and look at their horrible , unsuccessful, roll out of both medical and recreational marijuana. They act like it’s heroin in Massachusetts. No dispensaries on Cape Cod and the islands, and off Cape the dispensaries are only in one part of Mass. I think Massachusetts is in bed with the drug peddling MS-13 gangs there, as mass is saturated with Them .

    • Jeff Kaplan on

      No its not “only Republicans that come up with these moronic ideas to thwart the will of the people”
      That is an ignorant statement
      For example, i am a Republican and i totally disagree with Ray Rodriguez’s misinformed edict.
      I also disagree with the misinformation being dumped on American sheep out of the CNN and MSNBC disinformation centers
      The only thing that Democrats talk about that makes any sense is to legalize cannabis across the board
      Ray Rodriguez, like the vast majority of elected officials, apparently knows very little about health
      At the federal level, Republicans and Democrats alike, are beholden to special interests like Big pharma
      Big pharma has an average of 4 lobbyists for every congressman/congresswoman, and senator
      That is where the big holdup is-the FDA, CDC, and Big Pharma
      Legalizing cannabis is not in their best interest, because it threatens pharmaceutical profits
      I am not sure where Rodriguez’s head is at-whether he is beholden to a drug company, or he just doesn’t know much about cannabis….he apparently thinks that Americans should stay on prescription drugs instead, or take a weakened version of a God given herb that will not be as effective in helping people get off of yhe pharmaceuticals they were prescribed
      That is sad, and really unfortunate esp for vets dealing with ptsd and prescription drug addiction
      Nope, that was a pretty bad move by Rodriguez and you don’t have to be a Democrat to disagree with what he did

  2. Elwood GreyBuffalo jr on

    That’s insane, never been proven ,what is apparent is preexisting conditions can be aggravated by high THC that is low in CBD,which counter act’s possible side effects such as anxiety /panic attacks, paranoia, higher thc levels help patients in reducing amount needed for relief from pain,nausea, sickness from chemotherapy for cancer! It’s like saying we know one studies show hydrocodone #5 is effective at treating pain and higher doses such as a #10mg of hydrocodone may raise the risk for addiction and dependency even though you may still be in pain,you can not take anything stronger. Peace and light sincerely Elwood GreyBuffalo jr

  3. Clayton T Adams on

    These idiots have just effectively removed Florida from the viable medical marijuana trade. No one in any other state is going to want to purchase anything grown in Florida. Might as well make canvas out of the stuff. And none of these decision makers are doctors – just bigoted fundamentalists.

    I implore the governor to veto this insane bill. And fire as many of its advocates as possible from any oversight of medical marijuana.

  4. Ron on

    this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of in my entire life ! and yes, it IS the republicans fault, since it WAS a strictly partisan vote ! it make you WONDER if these Republican lawmaker who initiated and passed these ASININE bills, are heavily invested in the marijuana ” black market / crime syndicates” who are probably losing money hand over fist since medical marijuana and the whole smoke able flowers are far superior to illegal product, or have been heavily paid off by Big Pharma !. i AM a voter. i Cannot justify voting for a Public Servant, who initiates, and passes these type of bills, that ARE NOT in my best interests, as a compassionate care patient ! this legislative ” whack job ” for Florida medical marijuana patients is completely and totally insane.

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