Florida, Massachusetts MJ initiatives move closer to ballot

Two state-level cannabis legalization proposals have moved a big step closer to getting in front of voters next year.

In Florida, United for Care received clearance from the state Supreme Court for a 2016 ballot measure that would legalize medical marijuana. The group nearly succeeded in legalizing medical marijuana in 2014.

The state still has to validate roughly 280,000 more signatures to make sure the initiative qualifies, according to the Miami Herald. The campaign needs a total of 683,149 valid signatures to make the ballot, but United for Care says it has already collected 900,000.

In Massachusetts, meanwhile, the state confirmed that a measure to legalize recreational cannabis next year has enough valid signatures to force the legislature to consider the measure.

If the legislature decides to pass, then the campaign will have to collect another 10,792 signatures to formally make the ballot.

Massachusetts lawmakers have until May 3 to act on the initiative, so it may be another five or six months before it’s certain that voters there will get to weigh in on rec.

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5 comments on “Florida, Massachusetts MJ initiatives move closer to ballot
  1. Gentle Jim on

    Well you better start collecting those signatures now because you cant trust politicians to do their jobs without big bribes to fill their pockets first. Best government money can buy will be quietly pumping the big Pharma ,the cops, etc.etc for money. All because the Paid for supreme court says that it’s not fair to the richest .o5% if they can’t buy their own politicians to run things.
    God bless all those who work to end the war on drugs
    Gentle Jim

    • John V.... on

      The War on Drugs Will Never End..

      We just need to get Marijuana OFF the List of Harmful DRUGS..

      Harmful Drugs in My Opinion are: Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, Extasy, Oxycontin, OxyCodone, Etc.. These are the Substances that cause total havoc and NEED to be controlled CLOSELY!

      Weed, is Natural.. No one OD’s on Weed..

      It is Time to STOP Confusing Weed with a HARMFUL DRUG!

      IT IS NOT !!

  2. John V.... on

    I sure hope the FLORIDA Medical MMJ BILL has a clause for use on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Severe Back Pain or its useless to me and thousands of others, I would assume..

    You shouldn’t have to be DYING to use it medically..

  3. Barbara Walsh on

    John V I tried edible medical marijuana while visiting another state for my arthritis and back pain – it worked wonders Would love to see legal in Florida.

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