Florida May Boost Number of Legal CBD Producers

In an attempt to get out in front of a likely 2016 medical cannabis ballot measure, a small group of Florida state lawmakers have revealed a new bill that would eliminate the cap on marijuana growers allowed by the state, and also expand the qualifying medical condition list for CBD.

Currently, Florida law allows for only five marijuana cultivators who would be legally allowed to produce and dispense CBD medicine. Rep. Katie Edwards, one of the bill’s sponsors, said the bill is a reaction to the state Department of Health dragging its feet on the administrative process.

Edwards told the Sun-Sentinel in south Florida that she’s “incredibly frustrated,” and that “patients should’ve had medicine in their hands by the first of the year.”

Although 24 nurseries filed applications last month for the five licenses, and the Department of Health was expected to announce winners by Aug. 8, so far the agency has not revealed the winners and losers.

If the bill is approved, it would add HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or any terminal illness to the qualifying condition list for CBD. Currently, only seizure patients and those with cancer are legally allowed to buy CBD, so that could greatly expand the potential customer base for CBD growers and retailers.

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4 comments on “Florida May Boost Number of Legal CBD Producers
    • trent on

      it is industrial hemp with no terpenoid content, it will not work. only full plant extract will work for epilepsy. People need to be made aware that there are truly only 4 cbd oils from the whole plant on the market, and these products available in florida are not whole plant products. They are made from only the stalk, stem, and seed, no flower of the plant in them at all.

      • Eric on

        Hi Trent – that’s not entirely true. I speak as a CBD producer from Colorado. Products my company makes are derived from hemp that have full spectrum cannabinoid content. The clients I work with pro-bono are experiencing life-changing results.

  1. Chantel on

    This is all political and not a social or health issue at all. The Florida Department of Health’s surgeon general, John Armstrong, is not a supporter and has done everything he can to drag his heels. They brought in a woman format of state with no experience to run the so called “Office of Compassionate Use” when there were qualified local candidates who already knew the system. This woman didn’t last long. If the people who are supporters were confident enough to say they’re supporters we would have fewer issues. But so many state employees are in fear of speaking up in favor of cannabis because they think they’ll be at risk of losing their jobs. If we could just stop playing these games…

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