Florida moves closer to medical cannabis edibles sales

Florida’s agriculture department finalized its rules for medical marijuana growers around edibles, which brings the Sunshine State one step closer to allowing sales of the popular products.

The state is expected to allow sales of edibles in the coming months.

The Florida health department, which regulates the state’s MMJ industry, must still issue the proposed rules and seek public input, according to Orlando public radio station WFME.

For more details about the situation, click here.

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4 comments on “Florida moves closer to medical cannabis edibles sales
  1. What is Decker on

    What about removing Marijuana from a Scheduled 1 ?? Still illegial on a federal level…not everyone has access…I’m a nurse…I had to choose between my career and a quality of life…quality of life always comes first…depending on your career or job…not allowed…removing Marijuana as a Scheduled 1 would open up banking…research…jobs…revenue..and a positive move globally…so why are we not fighting for that???

  2. Cher on

    I’m a MMP Coming from one state to another that doesn’t carry the same product edibles gummies eat.. as I was taking is not fair to the patient . Florida needs to catch up !!!
    If the program was approved then all access to the product should be available to the patient. And I’m also a health worker who had to choose quality of life over a job and disability in Florida is another problem with trying to get approvals dragging it out.

  3. VIcky Kassar on

    My daughter is a doctor and says that vape pens cause lung disease. It is due to the fact that they are oils and lungs are not meant to inhale and process oil. There is reported lung disease in 36 states from vaping.

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