Florida medical cannabis industry rollout likely to be slow

Even though medical marijuana passed by a historic margin in Florida last month, that doesn’t mean state legislators are going to rush to implement the new law. Rather, it will likely be the opposite, with lawmakers dragging their feet.

A whopping 6 million voters supported legalizing MMJ at the ballot box, but establishing industry regulations and licensing cannabis businesses “is not a top priority for the newly elected leaders of the legislature,” the Tampa Bay Times reported Friday.

The legislative session does not begin until March 7, and so far only one legislator has announced plans to introduce a bill to implement Amendment 2, the MMJ measure voters approved. If that bill is successful, it would “open up the market to competition among a large number of growers and sellers,” the Times reported.

But that doesn’t mean the bill will get traction, and the Florida MMJ industry is going to have to rely on lawmakers to pass implementation legislation that would set up a workable regulatory system for businesses before they can move forward.

The Florida Department of Health will begin writing industry rules on Jan. 3, as mandated by Amendment 2. But the same agency took more than two years to implement a CBD law approved by the legislature in 2014, the Times noted.

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7 comments on “Florida medical cannabis industry rollout likely to be slow
  1. Isaiah Abenchuchan on

    If Florida voters, who overwhelmingly supported this amendment, stand up to the legislature and the Department of Health we can demand that they listen to the will of the people and implement regulations in the time frame that is established in the language of the amendment.

    • Nick Palazzo on

      I agree. Not only government workers are expected to “listen” to the people that voted on them. Their job is to do nothing but that, and to work to device and implement their constituent’s mandate.

      We need to end selecting politicians that will carry their own personal agenda while in their position, instead of doing what they are paid to do.

  2. Growsome on

    Florida Legislature needs to open the market beyond the politically connected people that previously got the grow and dispensary licenses. Law was written by people in the nursery business!

  3. Micey on

    I knew it would be this way! Here in Florida. They do things very slowly. It is like they do not care if the population dies from Cancer! It will be at least a year. But this will allow the Big Boys with all the money to be the first. Believe me they have a reason for everything.

  4. joannie on

    Patience……while I and others suffer mightily on a daily basis…we are asked to be patient….I say….” Would you ask your daughter/mother/sister to wait for lawmakers to decide when and how they can get relief ?..”

  5. Cole on

    I definitely agree with all the previous statements. I’m a FL native and I am a big supporter of Amendment 2. In my opinion the best way for everyone to be heard and get this law into effect would be to join forces with organizations like Florida For Care, they are a part of United For Care, which had a huge impact on the way the Amendment was written.

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