Florida MMJ Campaign Tells TV Stations to Pull Ad

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The group behind Florida’s medical marijuana ballot measure has sent a cease-and-desist letter to local television stations broadcasting a 30-second advertisement opposing the initiative, saying the spots are misleading and false.

United for Care, which is spearheading the MMJ campaign, cites federal laws that prohibit commercials making illegitimate claims from airing, according to the Broward/Palm Beach News Times.

The ads claim that voting for the measure – Amendment 2 – would allow children to obtain cannabis, saying it is a “a trick” and isn’t about compassion. Instead, the measure is “just about legalizing pot smoking,” and it lacks parental controls, the ad says.

Ben Pollara, the campaign manager for United for Care, said in a news release that opponents to the initiative are perpetuating the “greatest hits” of falsehoods about medical marijuana. The group said it will hold opponents accountable if they run false advertisements to get people to vote against Amendment 2.