Florida MMJ Cultivation Rules Exclude Black Farmers, Group Says

Black farmers in Florida say wording in the state’s MMJ law excludes them from participating in the medical cannabis industry.

As currently enacted, the law requires growers to have been in business for 30 years or more and grow 400,000 or more plants — stipulations not met by a single black farmer in the state.

The Florida Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association told the Senate Health Policy Committee this week that the reason no black farmers meet the requirement is due to discriminatory lending practices dating back decades. To support their claim, the group pointed to a class-action suit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture originally filed in 1981 and settled in 2011.

Now, Florida’s new regulations on producing medical marijuana has reopened those old wounds, the growers’ group said. Under the law, cultivators would be allowed to grow and distribute a strain of cannabis high in CBDs to treat epilepsy, cancer and muscle spasms.

The laws are exclusionary not only to black farmers, but small farmers, and makes it possible that only the largest white- or Latino-owned farms will win the five licenses the state will award, the association said.


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7 comments on “Florida MMJ Cultivation Rules Exclude Black Farmers, Group Says
  1. Jahpharmer on

    Man’o man are we ever gonna be rid of all those good’ol boy southern racists. It’s really embarrassing how my species, as a whole, just can’t seem to grow up. Perhaps a few “sessions” with some great Cali-weed and those white bigots in Florida’s legislature might come around?

  2. Ray Cunningham on and
    Sorry just continuing request for websites. Factor in the success the lobbyists have had for GW Pharmaceuticals, the Stanley Brothers one special strain, and other singular focused corporate interests, and we’ll be fortunate to ever get this show on the road! This isn’t only about racism folks…it is about economic parity and justice and doing the right thing for the patients who are anxiously awaiting their medicine!

  3. jean on

    its about SCOTTY getting HIS BOYZ to do the growing therefore LORD BIZ can control and exploit every $ angle possible.COSTA FARMS called their bluff and now the only ones who suffer from this GREED are the patients as always .gotta wonder with 64% approval inlast vote and still not passing ,HMMM someone wants more .

  4. Lyle Courtsal on

    What we are seeing is a cultural manifestation that is an outcome of 30 years of malicious corporate funded drug war lies. And you would be surprised at how many people believe the crap. So the miseducated bastards make up these huge hurdles for shutting down an industry that could actually make their communities safer and healthier. Cain’t have that now, kin we? So get together businesspeople, learn to love us hippies who told you so a long time ago that this would be the case and start fighting and taking the high ground from the bastards in your way. Let’s get 1,000,000 nonviolent pot users out of jail because we’re next. Eddy Lepp carried 20 people with his operation before he went down in california when the evil bastards stole his future. There are qualitative legal defenses linking recreational use as medically beneficial for communities; it is a defensible human right to use the medication that works for you and the person that takes that right away is a criminal, plain and simple. An AIDS patient went to prison and died in there without their medication; that is murder, plain and simple. Lyle Courtsal

  5. Jhapharmer on

    Lyle Courtsal,
    As you were writing your comment, I was writing similarly about the MBD’a article “DOJ Enforcements Proceed Despite Congressional Mandate”:
    Re: comment on your article “DOJ Enforcements Proceed Despite Congressional Mandate”:

    WOW! Talk about splitting hairs; if this isn’t splitting the split again, exiguous ad nauseam, I’ll eat my hat.

    IMHO, what we are seeing here are the machinations of determined hard core, anti-cannabis, “old school” throw-backs that still haunts the Department of Justice, and many other legal institutions…
    …that, or else, we’re seeing the machinations of pro-big-business trolls within the DOJ doing what they are being…um…influenced to do which is to find every way possible, every little supposed crack in the effort toward legalization of cannabis, which if allowed to come to fruition would, perhaps, diminish established pathways of profit being made by big business these past decades since these same minions finessed cannabis being made illegal back in the early portion of the last century.

    These folks truly are the cockroaches within the machinery of progress.

    Then, too, as I see it almost every law, especially at the federal level is written with vagaries deliberately crafted within it, thus open to allowing a variety of potential interpretations. One could get a feeling legal eagles invented law-craft, how laws are written, with the primary intent of creating a debatable topic, and not necessarily for public justice; depending on which side of any specific law issue is the more sophisticated debater, all things being equal, usually determines the outcome of the issue at hand, not the relative justice. We see examples of this, time and again, in the many cases that are decided not upon the merits of the law, but upon legal technicalities.

    Good thing the American public, as a whole, is so woefully uneducated, otherwise this foolishness would have ended some time ago.

    Now I know there’s at least 2 of us who know WTF is going on. How can we get it up to 4…16…and at what point does critical mass occur!!!

  6. Mick McCall on

    What do cotton farmers raise? Corn farmers? Soybean farmers? Black farmers? I know what they meant, but the way it came out is denigrating.

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