Florida MMJ Opponents Buy $1.6M in TV Ads

Opponents of the push to legalize medical marijuana in Florida recently announced a $1.6 million TV ad buy in the hopes of sinking MMJ at the polls.

The move is just the latest salvo in what promises to be a heated campaign between Drug Free Florida – which bankrolled the anti-cannabis ads – and United for Care, which is backing the legalization bid. Recent polls show differing levels of support for the MMJ measure (Amendment 2), and it appears the vote could go either way at this point.

Drug Free Florida is a political arm of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who has given the group $2.5 million already and may reportedly double that contribution before November.

, Florida MMJ Opponents Buy $1.6M in TV Ads

The MMJ opponents aren’t the only ones with millionaires behind them, however. Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan has been vocal about promising to do “whatever it takes” to get Amendment 2 passed, and his firm has already given or loaned United for Care almost $4 million.

Drug Free Florida’s ads are slated to air in October.

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4 comments on “Florida MMJ Opponents Buy $1.6M in TV Ads
  1. Josh on

    Actually from what I have read Adelson is heavily invested in several pharmaceutical companies. The pharm companies are the people with the most to loose financially from the legalization of medical cannabis. The people in Florida overwhelmingly want to legalize medical cannabis and it won’t matter how much money Adelson puts up it won’t be enough. YES ON AMENDMENT 2IN FLORIDA !!

  2. tickleshizznits on

    The only organizations that would oppose amendment 2 are funded by those who stand to lose the most because of the legalization of marijuana, such as big pharma and the liquor industry.

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