Florida Republican Files Proposal to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Entrepreneurs continuing the fight for medical marijuana in Florida have found an ally in Republican State Sen. Jeff Brandes, who has filed a measure to legalize MMJ.

Senate Bill 528, called the Florida Medical Marijuana Act, would allow patients and caregivers to purchase and possess medical-grade cannabis and set up a system for the cultivation and sale of marijuana through licensed dispensaries in the state.

The measure “is a good start” for MMJ in Florida, according to the marijuana advocacy group United For Care. The organization said the fact that a Republican filed the bill is “a big deal” and a huge step forward for legalization.

Some 58% of Florida voters approved a measure in November to legalize medical cannabis, but it fell short of the 60% needed to pass. Despite the setback, many MMJ startups moved forward with their business plans, saying it’s just a matter of time before medical cannabis is allowed in the state.

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