Florida to challenge court ruling that would up medical cannabis dispensary caps

Florida regulators intend to challenge a state court ruling that would eliminate the limit on the number of dispensaries a medical marijuana business can operate.

Lifting the cap would benefit the state’s existing MMJ operators. Trulieve filed the suit seeking to boost the number of allowable dispensaries.

The state health department’s move to hold the line at least for now on dispensary limits comes as Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, is asking the Legislature to make other reforms that would open up Florida’s MMJ market to more business opportunities.

Those include:

  • Ending a ban on smokable marijuana products.
  • Loosening licensing rules so more businesses can enter the program.

Currently, a handful of vertically integrated operators dominate Florida’s MMJ dispensary market.

Click here to read the News Service of Florida’s report on the latest legal twist on the issue.

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3 comments on “Florida to challenge court ruling that would up medical cannabis dispensary caps
  1. Michael Lorton on

    Yes I think it should be lifted because I was taking 90mgs of morphine sulfate a day. Now I’m down to 30mgs a day,but I believe I could be off of them totally if they could keep more product in stock.We only have 1 near were I live, and I believe if they lift the cap even on flower to it would help. That’s wat I think

  2. John McKenzie on

    How about if “We-The-People” could one day feel confident that our legislators would follow the will of the people (as voted) instead of being control freaks in areas that they are not knowledgable in. They should have no right to ignore the will of the people?

    I was a 40+ year registered Republican back when the Republican Party at least “looked and acted like they wanted to do the will of the people”. They used to try at least. Now many in Washington and Tallahassee are overcome by the arrogance that they know better than the voters what is good for the people. And when you try to leave the Party… you are told that you cannot register as an “Independent” in the State of Florida. Why not?

    Why do I feel like I am losing my Country and the “Rights” that I grew up with and helped support and defend? I must say that, to my surprise, our new Governor is making an effort to bring back the rights of the people… and trying to allow our vote to matter again… at least regarding cannabis distribution, use and control.

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