Florida will delay awarding five new medical cannabis licenses

Florida’s medical marijuana regulators will miss their deadline to award five more MMJ business licenses.

A statute passed in June required the state’s MMJ regulators to issue five new medical marijuana licenses by Aug. 3 and five more by Oct. 3.

The first five were awarded on time, but the others will be delayed for an undetermined period, Sunshine State News reported.

The head of Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) blamed the missed deadline on Hurricane Irma and a lawsuit filed by an African-American farmer, according to the news outlet.

In his lawsuit, the farmer charged that the new law’s license-awarding process is overly restrictive and blocked many otherwise qualified black farmers from applying for business licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana.

However, the campaign manager behind Florida’s MMJ ballot measure told Marijuana Business Daily almost two weeks ago it would be “impossible” for the state to make its deadline.

Ben Pollara, executive director of Florida for Care, based his assertion on the fact MMJ regulators hadn’t yet selected a consultant to oversee the application scoring process.

Meanwhile, the OMMU also is running behind in efforts to issue MMJ cards to patients seeking to buy medical cannabis.

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3 comments on “Florida will delay awarding five new medical cannabis licenses
  1. Sterling on

    It will be a Long Painful Process, like Pulling Teeth without Novocaine, getting Legitimate, Viable, Usable Marijuana Laws passed in the repressive, conserve-a-wannabe, South. I’ll be moving to another more Progressive State. I’m NOT waiting that long.

  2. clifton middleton on

    More bogus political obstruction of the will of the People. Everyone has the right to grow cannabis, resistance is futile you will be assimilated ..

  3. Bob Dakota on

    What else would you expect from a blotted, corrupt government bureaucracy. If you want an answer to the problem ask Senator “I don’t give a damn about the sick and dying Floridians” Bradley and Representative “30 pieces of silver” Rodrigues who created this mess. I forgot they have gotten and continues to get donations above and below the table from the special interest groups they represented so well. What other state allows the bubba farmers, who knew nothing about growing cannabis, control the growing processing distribution and delivery of medical cannabis. Senator Bradley how the new house and rolls royce? Pay to play is the tune they play they Florida. The republicans in Florida who believe in big government with Tallahassee control were afraid to give control to the local governments who know, see and hear their residents daily. I forgot Senator and representative you know whats best for me.

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