Fortune 150 Company Partners With Ancillary Cannabis Firm

MyDx, a maker of handheld chemical analyzers that allow consumers to check the potency of marijuana strains, has struck a deal with Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 150 company, under which Arrow will help manufacture the analyzers and provide other services and credit for San Diego-based MyDx.

The agreement is the latest to emerge involving a marijuana-related company and a major corporation. Software giant Microsoft Corp. last week disclosed it’s teaming up with an established ancillary cannabis firm, Kind Financial, to land government technology contracts tied to the cannabis sector.

In a press release, MyDx said Colorado-based Arrow will manage its supply chain, provide manufacturing support for its line of consumer-oriented analyzers, offer technical support, and extend a line of credit. MyDx, which was founded in 2013, didn’t disclose the size of the credit facility.

In addition to cannabis, the company’s battery-operated analyzers allow consumers and others to test the organic properties of food, water and air.

MyDx’s CannaDX sensor, in particular, can be used to test cannabis flower for THC and CBD percentages as well as more than 20 terpenes.

The company said the data generated by the analyzer will provide “you with an accurate prediction of how this cannabis will make you feel and what symptoms it can potentially alleviate.”