Franwell out in Washington state; MJ Freeway tapped for contract

Franwell has withdrawn its bid to be Washington state’s provider of seed-to-sale tracking software and has been replaced by runner-up MJ Freeway.

According to the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the state will now schedule a product demonstration with a technology advisory panel and begin contract negotiations with MJ Freeway. The state’s deadline for replacing previous traceability provider BioTrackTHC is Oct. 31, 2017.

“We are taking the necessary steps now to ensure a smooth transition from the current system to the new one,” the state said in a news release.

Washington state had tentatively picked Franwell to replace the state’s marijuana seed-to-sale tracking system, paving the way for both parties to hammer out a final contract covering one of the nation’s largest MJ markets.

The state gave no reason for Franwell’s decision to bow out. An official for the Florida company was not immediately available for comment.

MJ Freeway CEO Amy Poinsett told Marijuana Business Daily in an email that the company is “confident” its system can “meet the needs of regulators and operators alike to effectively track cannabis, prevent diversion,and ensure consumer, public and product safety.”

Denver-based MJ Freeway in April won Pennsylvania’s $10 million seed-to-sale tracking contract.

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6 comments on “Franwell out in Washington state; MJ Freeway tapped for contract
  1. Eric01 on

    The idea of seed to sale seems antiquated, cannabis has been cloned and darned well the Government knows it. It basically would require genetic mapping of every strain and that is impossible. This isn’t about good science or public safety, it’s about
    revenue. Period.

  2. Barry2thewind on

    That sounds like a crock of sh$%. There is absolutely no reason a contract vendor would “withdraw” after winning something like that, only one day after Tuesday’s traceability work group meeting? 0% chance. The PR said Franwell was chosen as the highest scoring responsive bid… meaning the LCB was aware of everything including their pricing model throughout the entire RFP process and OBVIOUSLY accepted it.

    The only logical outcome here would be that Franwell looks the LCB in the face and says, you accepted the proposal and awarded it to us, as was submitted. No terms have changed and the state can not change terms of the RFP after the fact without throwing it out altogether. No way they withdrew, they would have signed that, even an idiot would.

    My guess is that the LCB initially accepted the terms, LCB tried to make some major changes last minute and Franwell said “That’s not what we bid! You accepted our terms already”, LCB said “change or we will withdraw your proposal from consideration”, and when Franwell said “that wasn’t what we agreed on”, the LCB ttook their award and gave it elsewhere. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works lol. I’d bet money that Franwell will sue the LCB for RFP rule and procurement law violations! They may even sue for defamation since there is no way there’s a written document signed by Franwell stating that they voluntarily withdrew.

  3. Andrew Norrman on

    eric01: Can’t tell if trolling. This has nothing to do with genetics, it’s about UBIs. Why wouldn’t you want to know a clone’s parent? It’s about traceability which is necessary for virtually all consumer protections.

    Barry2thewind: You are right about a last minute change of terms. Stakeholders expressed concern about the cost of RFID implementation. Both companies look like crap, but I think RFID is a good idea for WA.

    EmmanuelGoldstein: Care to elaborate? Any observations would contribute to our social media discussions. @edweedsnowden is a new account that is keeping tabs on this process

  4. James Welk on

    Is anyone starting to wonder how MJFreeway went from having 1 measly contract in Nevada to picking up 2 of the biggest wins months after publicly failing at what they do (manage data)?

    Original Release Indicating That Franwell Was Selected

    “In addition, the WSLCB worked with a team of industry members nominated by trade associations to provide input during the Request for Proposals development phase. Those members will see a product demonstration at the next meeting in early June.”

    1. Franwell initially wins fair and square.

    2. “Team of industry members nominated by trade associations” = National Cannabis Industry Association

    3. NCIA’s cofounders are both investors in MJFreeway. Same goes for chair of the Marijuana Policy Project.

    4. They convince state people that they need some unreasonable or nonsensical security feature that MJ Freeway uniquely possesses due to recently being “hacked.”

    5. State People – “You mean the Russians?”

    6. MJ Freeway picks up another state contract.

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