Franwell wins 5-Year Alaska rec software contract

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The Florida-based software firm that designed Colorado’s seed-to-sale tracking system has won a 5-year contract with Alaska to construct a similar system for the nation’s newest recreational marijuana state.

Franwell’s contract is worth a reported $105,000 and will be based on the Colorado model, Metrc, which is also used to track plants in Oregon’s rec system, according to the Alaska News Dispatch.

The system will be implemented on May 23 and will cost $40 per month per rec licensee, plus tagging costs of 45 cents per plant and 25 cents per package, the paper reported.

The contract was cemented on March 7 and lasts through June 30, 2021.

State contracts have become a lucrative and prestigious source of revenue and branding value for cannabis software companies in recent years, with companies raising millions to expand their reach and compete for state contracts. In January, for example, BioTrackTHC won the state seed-to-sale contract in Hawaii.