G FarmaBrands to distribute Julian Marley’s JuJu Royal in SoCal

G FarmaBrands is partnering with Julian Marley, son of the late legendary reggae musician Bob Marley, to distribute his cannabis brand JuJu Royal to recreational shops and medical marijuana dispensaries in Southern California under the state’s newly regulated MJ market.

According to a news release, California-based G FarmaBrands – through its subsidiary Finka Distribution – distributes to more than 1,100 cannabis stores that would have the option of carrying JuJu Royal’s smokeable and vape products.

JuJu Royal currently has distribution in California, Washington state, Colorado and Puerto Rico. It also has a CBD-only product in the United Kingdom.

Julian Marley helped develop the JuJu Royal line and is the face of the brand. It is not associated with Marley Natural, owned by Privateer Holdings.

JuJu Royal is a subsidiary of GEA Technologies, a Calgary, Alberta-based company that trades as JUJU.A on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

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