Gardening mainstay Scotts Miracle-Gro acquires hydroponics company

Scotts Miracle-Gro, a maker of gardening products, has purchased a company that makes hydroponic equipment popular with marijuana growers.

Scotts purchased Santa Rosa, California-based General Hydroponics and its sister company Bio-Organic Solutions Inc. through a subsidiary. The acquired company sells Vermicrop soils and gardening supplies.

The acquisition is part of a growing trend of mainstream companies and investors buying their way in to the legal cannabis space, a movement that is expected to continue as legalization spreads.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.





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2 comments on “Gardening mainstay Scotts Miracle-Gro acquires hydroponics company
  1. ghost on

    grower supply is the lowest grossing non licenced mme out there. Scotts much be planning to either market a line or organics or pump General/ Bio- sky high.

    how else will they show profitability and cover the bloated C and E level comp packeges?

  2. rasta on

    I won’t purchase anything from these corporate sellouts. Bald head Babylon corporate vampires. Good companies that sold out. Boycott Babylon takeovers.

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