Google says no to cannabis-related service apps in its play store

Tech giant Google banned all marijuana-related apps from its play store, meaning Android phone users now won’t be able to download apps that facilitate home delivery or other services.

The ban went into effect May 29, the Digital Journal reported, and Google said in a statement: “We don’t allow apps that facilitate the sale of marijuana or marijuana products, regardless of legality.”

A Google spokesperson expanded on the criteria that would lead to an app being banned, including:

  • Allowing users to order marijuana through an in-app shopping cart feature.
  • Assisting users in arranging delivery or pick up of marijuana.
  • Facilitating the sale of products containing THC.

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3 comments on “Google says no to cannabis-related service apps in its play store
  1. Ruth Leslie on

    Although we do not touch the plant, we built the original version of our app without a shopping cart to avoid any problems with regulators. At least Google did not take it a step further and ban all apps related to the cannabis industry. Fingers crossed.


    This is a ridiculous rule. I am a legitimate medical marijuana patient and making my order through my dispensary’s app was a quick and convenient way to place my order. Now I can’t use my phone or laptop to place my order. Google who are you to tell me how I can get my medication.

  3. jeff l on

    I agree. Google will get on board once they knock Cannabis down from Schedule 1 which is ridiculous it was ever put there to begin with. Just goes to show you how ignorant people are.
    Make rules for things they no nothing about.
    Hopefully in the near future this will all change.
    If you want it to change you got to send your congressman or woman that cannabis laws are wrong and it needs to be changed or your out of office.

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