A dozen US governors ask congressional leaders to back federal marijuana reform

A bipartisan coalition of 12 governors from states that have legalized medical or recreational cannabis sent a letter to congressional leaders, asking for their support in getting a major marijuana reform bill through the U.S. House and Senate.

The governors of California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont and Washington state are backing the STATES Act – which would codify in federal law that marijuana regulations are to be left to the states instead of the federal government – while also seeking protections on banking and tax issues for the MJ industry.

“The STATES Act is not about whether marijuana should be legal or illegal; it is about respecting the authority of states to act, lead and respond to the evolving needs and attitudes of their citizens,” the governors wrote.

The letter also expressed support for the SAFE Banking Act, which was approved in March by a House committee.

That measure could guarantee banking access for state-legal MJ companies by providing protection from prosecution to financial institutions that service cannabis businesses.

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4 comments on “A dozen US governors ask congressional leaders to back federal marijuana reform
  1. Milton Byrd on

    Cannabinoid science has already validated the justification for the state’s act, and we the people, have a majority for approval. By the moral majority, under the constitution, you are so directed to approve, otherwise the opposition is unconstitutional by an oligarchy that is unconstitutional!

    • Shadow on

      TEXAS TEXAS TEXAS, LOOKS TO BE doing what they always do,wait to be the last to legalize anything, just like gambling, other states have made millions,but now there s something that can actually help people with their medical needs,I’ve had seizures since the age of 15,now at 53 no meds work for me,I still take 100s of dollars a month on something that’s not working and Marijuana seems to be the only thing that helps, so as TEXAS always is the last to do what could help with medical needs not to say that the millions in taxes could help with schools,homeless, roads,ect and they always complain not to have enough money, this would help in so many ways, people are leaving Texas for States that are legal just to get medical help that they can’t get here without getting into trouble

  2. Bob on

    Texas has pursued and severely over punished minor offenders to flex it’s backwards legal muscle.
    There are citizens serving 15 years for a couple of seeds on the floorboard of their car !
    Texas has never been at the front of anything that helps people and is deemed illegal no matter how wrong it morally is ! Don’t expect forward thinking by a very backwards state ! The will be the last in !

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