Grower Uses Classical Music to Enhance Potency

Chopin, Beethoven and plenty of other classical composers are played on a daily basis to dozens of cannabis plants in a grow room owned by the Denver medical marijuana dispensary chain Sticky Buds.

Why? Because the company’s master grower, Elias Tempton, believes it helps boost THC content.

Tempton said he’s seen a “surprisingly high” increase in potency after he started playing classical music for the company’s cannabis plants, according to various reports.

Tempton usually puts on classical music for about five hours a day at Sticky Buds’ grow operation.

“You can notice a difference,” Tempton said. “They don’t need it to be loud. They just need it to be audible.”

The results have been so powerful that the company is considering syncing the timing of the lighting in the grow room with automated music.

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4 comments on “Grower Uses Classical Music to Enhance Potency
  1. GrapeApe on

    Apparently that is some REALLY potent weed Mr. Greenjeans is growing there. So potent in fact he smokes a little and thinks music increases plant potency. I guess mood music is now a part of the genetic profile and plants that existed prior to any of this music somehow unlock their full potential now. LMAO

  2. Dennis on

    Elias Tempton! Please try,in addition to Chopin and Mozart, Ravi Shankar; I read a study of music and plants that said Hindustani raga music is as good-better than Western classical music for growing plants.
    Give Ravi some airtime!

  3. Dela on

    As long as your grow staff likes classical, it will improve staff functioning and thus quality, all studies linking plant health to classical music have been biased and flawed.
    The real key is playing music that keeps your staff happy.

  4. Numb Nuts on

    cannabis grows at night as well, what then?

    i agree,
    headphones, good food, environment and happy workers is absolutely the key

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