Grower Uses Classical Music to Enhance Potency

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Chopin, Beethoven and plenty of other classical composers are played on a daily basis to dozens of cannabis plants in a grow room owned by the Denver medical marijuana dispensary chain Sticky Buds.

Why? Because the company’s master grower, Elias Tempton, believes it helps boost THC content.

Tempton said he’s seen a “surprisingly high” increase in potency after he started playing classical music for the company’s cannabis plants, according to various reports.

Tempton usually puts on classical music for about five hours a day at Sticky Buds’ grow operation.

“You can notice a difference,” Tempton said. “They don’t need it to be loud. They just need it to be audible.”

The results have been so powerful that the company is considering syncing the timing of the lighting in the grow room with automated music.