50% of Ohio’s registered medical marijuana patients not buying, citing high cost

More than 42,000 medical marijuana patients in Ohio have signed up since the program went live in January, but half of those registered haven’t purchased cannabis because it is too pricey.

A tight supply as a result of a lack of licensed cultivators, processors and dispensaries is keeping prices steep at retail stores, though costs have fallen by about 15% since the first dispensary opened, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

For more details about patients being priced out of Ohio’s medical marijuana market, click here.

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21 comments on “50% of Ohio’s registered medical marijuana patients not buying, citing high cost
    • Chris Ritter on

      Dream Catcher from Buckeye Relief tastes like it was grown in a dank moldy basement ,paid 158.00 with tax for a half what a rip off , not worth 75. dollars a half . Butterfly Effects are mostly tiny buds to small buds in every container I have bought. Less than 2% of Ohioans are spending there cannabis money at dispensaries you would think they would be doing all they could to keep customers

  1. John V on

    I am a medical MJ patient in PA.. We are also plagued by the astronomically high prices of cannabis through the medical outlets..

    The average cost PER POUND of dried flower for a professional grower is approximately 400.00 !

    Medical outlets charge $100.00 for 7 grams!! In a Pound there are 448 Grams, or 64, 7 gram jars.. So, are you ready for the TOTAL ??? $6,400.00 is what the outlets bring in for each pound.. A Pound on the streets is only around 3-4K.. So, we are being Ripped off by LEGAL Cartels…

    We should at least be able to grow our own in case we can not afford our medicine.. Which is the case for over 50% of medical patients!

    The laws need to change and prices need to go DOWN and also allowing a person 12 plants needs to happen soon!

  2. SUSAN S. on

    Right! Gonna keep getting from the FLORIST on the streets LOL Government so crooked always trying to make $$$$$ why they keep Schedule 1. They don’t want Big Pharmas competition to go down!!!! Cancer patient took off opiates when it returned Stage 4 left to suffer then went to Streets chose Marijuana! DEA lies about that plant!

  3. Barbara J Waugh on

    Its not that they are “not buying marijuana” they are just not buying it in the dispensaries cause its like 5x the price on the street

  4. Dane on

    I’m an OH patient- if you can afford it- the supply rules are starting to affect patients. There’s a use it or lose it policy that takes away from your 90 day supply if you buy it or not, the control website is incorrectly logging how much people have purchased, your past 90 days counts against you so if you got 90 days worth and day 91 rolls over- you have to wait until it’s been 90 days from your first purchase, and then can only purchase exactly the same amount you bought on day one…the problems just go on and on. Just a stupid, insane, backwards roll out…Ohio mucks it up again! Better start looking at property in MI.

  5. Joe Z on

    As another annoyed PA MMJ patient, I just wanted to agree with, confirm, and add to what John said ahead of me.

    It’s absolutely insane that as a patient, you spend anywhere from $200-400+ getting certified to legally purchase and consume, and then once you’re in the dispensary you see the menu and your jaw hits the floor. When I inquired about this with the DOCTOR on site, not a budtender, I was told that the prices are astronomical because “those in the industry now need to make hay while the sun is shining” or before its recreational. The industry is still new and growing here, and there is a small number of licensed growers. You can’t expect people to believe they wouldn’t make enough money if the prices were more reasonable. Heck if they dropped the prices they’d probably sell 20x the amount they do now.

  6. Jerry G. on

    According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a monopoly is: 1: exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action 2: exclusive possession or control 3: a commodity controlled by one party.

    If you had a monopoly, which in my opinion and in most cases are found to be illegal, would you willingly drop your prices or would you charge as much as you could? Bend over John Q. Public. it’s so ironic that the same government benefiting from astronomical prices is also the rule making body that oversees criminal laws for people who violate laws such as manufacturing, possession, and illegal sale or distribution. Will the real criminals please stand up!
    That is your que Congress. We see you.

  7. Bob T on

    The state didn’t pick the “best operators” when it comes to growing the best cannabis. The picked the best operators depending on how much money they had lining those pockets. I know many of the companies who were awarded a license…. many of these guys never grew a plant in their lives lol. Just trying to monopolize the opportunity to make more millions. Everyone should rebel against this program and try to get home grown and/or rec on the ballot. Grow your own!

  8. Sherri on

    They crack down on people in pain management who are on opiates and trying to strip them of those as we speak and the only other option left is medical marijuana and people living on disability, social security, or veterans can no way afford this. They want all of us us to just die in pain I guess. Pain management treats you like a criminal. I just had to change drs due to insurance changes and twice that dr office called all my drs, then before I knew it a few of my drs offices are calling me wanting to know exactly what I am on and why I am taking it and my chart is oline for them all to see. Plus the pharmacy’s when your refills are up automatically contact your drs offices without your knowledge telling them you need your medication refilled when you don’t even need it making you look like a bigger addict!!!!! It’s absolutely insane!!!!! I am actually contacting my drs offices and telling them before the automatically approved anything call me first to put a stop to this from happening to me. Beware of that as well

  9. James W. Cone on

    I’ve had my Ohio MM card for over a month, but I have not made a purchase. In a survey of dispensaries within fifty miles of where I live I find prices are running about 200% higher in Ohio for the same product that I brought in Denver. Corporate greed and dirty politics at work.

  10. Thomas E M on

    I qualify for 4 separate conditions 1TBI, 2Epilepsy, 3chronic pain from years of being a surgical guinea pig, and because all of it was caused by the 8th (ha ha eighth in a state selling it in tenths of an ounce,) car accident I survived while not even driving and with nobody under the influence I understandably get nervous just being in a car with the engine running (PTSD.) I and many many others have not even bothered to enroll in the program. I’ll pay a LITTLE more for tested products, but not 400% the price of the guy at the end of the hall (I don’t even have to get on the elevator.) The program is overtly designed for failure. Once they begin to finally have a reasonable supply they will add new conditions so that there’s JUST enough patients they can claim a shortage. Looking into dual residency, because I can’t outright leave the state as my extremely good neurosurgeon and my epileptologist are here and I don’t want to need to go Dr shopping.

  11. Tom K on

    I’m in the same ballpark. Prices way to high and I’m questioning why we need to visit a doctor every quarter.

  12. Daniel Leverich on

    Limited medicine is stupid as stupid..45 day supply ran out already so now i go without….unlimited would make more money for state.

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