Harborside Announces New Oregon Dispensary

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Harborside Health Center is continuing to expand its empire.

Now with three locations in California, a dispensary license in Illinois and more plans in the works, Harborside announced this week that it has formally opened a new location in Portland, Oregon.

“We’re your new neighbor!” the chain announced on its website, directing the comment to Portland residents.

The dispensary opened on Oct. 1, which also happened to be the first day adult-use cannabis sales also started in Oregon. The location is in the north-central part of town, not far from Portland International Airport.

The new dispensary was kept under wraps until this week, with a spokesperson for Harborside telling Marijuana Business Daily that the project came together literally just within the past few weeks.

Harborside founder Steve DeAngelo said in August that the company is looking at expanding throughout California and in every legal market it can, particularly in the western part of the country. The company has faced setbacks, however, after applying for and not winning dispensary licenses in Nevada and Massachusetts.