Hawaii dispensaries approved to begin growing cannabis

The Hawaii Department of Health has given two dispensary operators the go-ahead to start growing medical marijuana, putting the state’s MMJ industry on track to start selling products in stores within a matter of months.

On Wednesday, Maui Wellness Group and Oahu’s Aloha Green Holdings became the first businesses in the Aloha State to receive permission to start cultivating, Pacific Business News reported.

Aloha Green Holdings expects to have MMJ available for sale in three to four months, according to Pacific Business News.

Hawaii has eight vertically integrated license holders statewide. Each can own two dispensaries and two cultivation centers.

Cannabis business owners in Hawaii were waiting for the BioTrack THC seed-to-sale tracking system to go online before they could be inspected by the state and receive approval to start growing. 

Dispensaries on Oahu and Kauai are asking for inspections this month, and dispensaries on the Big Island are expected to be inspected later in the year, according to The Maui News. Hawaii has eight vertically integrated license holders statewide; each can own two dispensaries.

The health department will next need to integrate the tracking system with the patient registry system. Hawaii had 15,334 registered MMJ cardholders as of Dec. 31, 2016. The department will also need to inspect and approve dispensary locations, as well as certify laboratories to test cannabis.

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2 comments on “Hawaii dispensaries approved to begin growing cannabis
  1. DevO on

    It is stated that Cannabis will be available for sale in 3 to 4 months. They were only given approval to “start” growing on Feb. 1st (if I’m not mistaken), so how is this possible? What about drying and properly curing…..? What am I missing? Somebody educate me please….and thanks 🙂

  2. Brett Roper on

    Not sure how in a matter of months, if growing has just now been approved any entity in Hawaii can have products in the pipeline … assuming plant material takes between 12-18 weeks to veg and flower out and assuming testing once harvested with a minimal drying as well as cure period, assuming labeling and inventory access; I make it at least 4 months possibly more … this sounds suspiciously like last years claims that product would be in the market by late summer of 2016. With all of the other starts and stops I would suspect no earlier than summer of 2017, only a year late from the predictions made last year by the DOH and others that were supposedly in the know.

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