Hawaii medical marijuana company harvests state’s first crop

Put it in the record books: A medical marijuana company in Hawaii has become the first in theĀ state to harvest its initial crop.

But the state lacks an approved lab to test the cannabis, slowing the rollout of Hawaii’s MMJ program.

According to Pacific Business News, Aloha Green Holdings – based in Oahu – said this week it harvested the marijuana from an indoor grow facility.

Along with Pono Life Sciences and Maui Wellness Group, Aloha Green began growing cannabis in February. Hawaii has licensed eight vertically integrated MMJ businesses.

The next step is for the island state to certify an independent laboratory to test the safety of the crop.

Pacific Business News reported that three facilities – Pharmlabs Hawaii, Clinical Labs and Steep Hill Hawaii – have applied for lab certifications. None have yet been approved.

The state Department of Health requires dispensaries to have an independent lab test their products for pesticides, mold and chemicals prior to sale.

Hawaii’s medical marijuana patient pool continues to grow, but the lack of labs and delays in implementing a seed-to-sale tracking system have prevented any dispensaries from selling product.

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