Hemp Farmers Wanted in Oregon

Attention, Oregon growers: If you’re looking to expand your crop base, you might want to consider hemp.

The state’s Department of Agriculture is now accepting applications for business licenses to sow hemp. A three-year license will cost cultivators $1,500, and planting could begin as early as spring.

Industrial hemp, which hasn’t made as many waves politically or business-wise across the nation as marijuana, has already been planted and harvested in three other states: Colorado, Kentucky and Vermont.

There are business restrictions in Oregon, however, including a ban on processing hemp seeds into oil, and a requirement that the hemp crops contain less than 0.3% THC. The processing restriction means there will be arguably less applications for the plant, but it can still be turned into a wide variety of goods, such as clothing, rope, food, automobile parts and even diapers.

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2 comments on “Hemp Farmers Wanted in Oregon
  1. William on

    Well, I guess.

    But there is a huge difference in the profit potential twixt hemp and consumer MJ.
    It would be illogical to favor hemp given the limited growing space available at present.

    Plus, processing hemp into viable products requires expensive production machinery. Then there’s the need for a marketing budget.

    That said, there are tons of Big Business players currently on the sidelines drooling for MJ dollars. They can well afford the start up costs of hemp products.

    Possibly a way for the Big Players to get into the MJ game without actually being in the still dicey consumer business.

  2. bongstar420 on

    I would, but I wasn’t born with land and money. I have a degree in horticulture and lots of knowledge about Cannabis spp.. I won’t be hired. Hand me the farm, or I build a business to buy the farm at a discount in the future.

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