High Prices, Dearth Of Doctors Hurting NY Businesses

High prices and a dearth of certified doctors who can recommend medical marijuana continue to hurt the five companies licensed to sell MMJ in New York.

That was made painfully clear this week following a presentation about medical marijuana at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany that was attended by dozens of doctors – none of whom seemed willing to sign up to recommend cannabis, according to the Albany Times-Union.

A patient liaison at the hospital told doctors that they would also need to carry additional medical malpractice insurance if they decided to register to recommend MMJ.

A pharmacist with Etain Health, one of the five MMJ companies that won licenses in New York, told the audience of doctors that dispensaries run by his company have yet to see a surge of patients, according to the paper.

Representatives of large doctors’ group have also told the paper that patient demand has been small.

Prices in the state, which does not allow smokable medical cannabis, range anywhere from $200 to $2,000 per month, the paper reported.

Through March 8, there were 455 physicians registered under the program, and only 1,565 patients have been certified by their doctors.

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