Hillary Clinton Calls for Rescheduling Marijuana

The predictions are coming true: Cannabis is beginning to play a larger role in presidential politics.

Most recently, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton staked out a formal position on federal cannabis reform, telling a campaign rally on Saturday that she wants to move marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 to allow for further research into the medicinal benefits of the plant.

“The problem with medical marijuana is there is a lot of anecdotal evidence about how well it works for certain conditions,” Clinton said, according to CNN. “But we haven’t done any research. Why? Because it is considered…a Schedule I drug.”

Clinton’s closest competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, recently came out in favor of lifting the federal ban on marijuana altogether, and even filed a bill to that end in the U.S. Senate.

Other presidential hopefuls on the GOP side have also made overtures toward easing marijuana restrictions, taking a states’ rights stance.

Rescheduling has been the subject of heated debate among activists for a long time, as some say it actually wouldn’t do much tangible good for the industry.

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5 comments on “Hillary Clinton Calls for Rescheduling Marijuana
  1. Chris Wirth on

    Obviously Hillary has not looked into Cannabis from an educated experienced point of view.
    Please educate colleagues of a proper FDA drug classification schedule, so Cannabis gets a fair hearing in awareness and knowledge.

    Schedule 2: ” have a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.”
    Schedule 3: have a potential for abuse less than substances in Schedules I or II and abuse may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.

  2. Charles Hadd Jr. on

    Hillary obviously doesn’t want to commit herself to anything for fear of offending anti-marijuana voters. So she waffles and calls for more studies. Enough! It’s been studied already for decades. Bernie Sanders is our only good choice.

  3. George W. Shew on

    As much as I would love to see it taken off scheduled 1 list I cannot and will not vote for Hillary. Maybe Bernie. They are ALL nuts in someway shape or form. Would like to here what Carson and Trump has to say about it, dont know if I would vote for them either. Its such a mess, but wouldn’t be amazing if cannabis was our earthly savior? Cure for cancer and other major ailments! As well as a fuel source, paper source, clothe source and a reverse global warming resource! Just an all around answer to all our problems. I have a feeling its more of a blessing then we could ever realize. The big governments wont let it hapoen! So tired of it. Iam ready for a real change. A good change. A green change!

    • Jana on

      Yes indeed..not the “change” Obama has in mind either, like allowing refugees in when we can’t even take care of our own veterans and homeless. Not a lot of choice but I think Bernie at least has Americans in his best interest. Trumph is a bit scary with his temper but has many good ideas like a refuge in Syria for their own so when the chaos is over they can take back over. (If they all unite and kick Isis asses of the face of the earth). Its a mad , sad day we live in. I’m thankful to have been born in America and know my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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