Home-Grow Reversal a Mixed Bag for WA Cannabusinesses

Washington medical marijuana patients might be able to grow cannabis at home when recreational sales begin after all, a move that could shake up the expected market for retail shops.

The state Liquor Control Board has signaled it will officially recommend that MMJ patients continue to be able to cultivate their own cannabis, rejecting proposals by three other government agencies that are lobbying for a complete ban on home growing as part of adult-use marijuana rules.

Under the liquor board plan, qualified patients and caregivers could grow up to six plants.

The final decision on this issue is extremely important for Washington marijuana businesses.

Hydroponics stores and companies that sell small-scale growing equipment could see sales fall if the state completely bans home cultivation, given that they derive a big share of business from individual growers now.

On the other side of the equation, a ban would benefit state-licensed retail shops, commercial cannabis grows and edibles companies by forcing everyone to buy marijuana. That could lead to tens of millions of additional dollars in sales for these companies.

The Liquor Control Board’s suggestion on home grows will carry a lot of weight with lawmakers, as the agency is developing the overall list of recommendations for marijuana rules and regulations. Board members will vote on the final list of recommendations this week and send them to the legislature by Jan. 1.

While lawmakers can change the recommendations, most of the major suggestions likely will stand.


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8 comments on “Home-Grow Reversal a Mixed Bag for WA Cannabusinesses
  1. Bonnie Wills on

    It would be a nice surprise if the Federal government set an example of ‘how to run a profitable marijuana business, within the law’. I know that is a pipe dream. When we have Better people in congress which may take a generation, we will finally have sensible Federal laws.

  2. Robert Hastings on

    The only way to go is complete legalization…This tax, regulate, and control is total bullshit but no surprise the gov wants all the taxes, profits and grows so they can sell us crappy cannabis at high prices. Oh and you can be sure it’ll be full of pesticides, fungicides, growth hormones, radioactive fertilizers, and probably rat turds too just like all the other nonsense the fda allows..

  3. Brett on

    Interesting. UP in Canada they are trying to do the exact opposite, remove the individuals right to grow their own medicine, force them to pay 10x the amount for prescribed pot via our pharmacies or buy direct through licensed producers. Perhaps WA is setting an example.

  4. Sicmarc on

    Robert is correct while Kevin is clueless. Growing cannabis by citizens will never end, the only thing left to be seen is how much longer our government will waste our tax-dollars trying to put an end to it. And Kevin, I DO know people who DO grow their own tobacco in their yards.

  5. NOT that Kevin :D on

    What Kevin said, WILL happen but only if WE let it! We’ve GOT to stand up for our own personal liberties. There’s NOTHING unhealthy about it so you can’t put it in the “Sin Tax” category. Like I said in another article on this site… “This plant hasn’t been legalized, it’s been capitalized! Patients and CG’s should be allowed to grow their own. I understand why they want to phase the “Medical” program out, but that’s just ASKING for trouble! You can’t force people who are MOST LIKELY on Disability to begin with, to pay 10X more for a product that in many cases is still necessary and has more than likely also SAVED their life, somewhere along the way! You can’t do that to people just so the STATE can capitalize on this “Agricultural Product”. You might as well go ahead and turn it ALL over to Big Pharma. That will ENSURE that NOBODY gets pain relief and the State gets their cut while Big Pharma rakes in TRILLIONS of $$$ selling us CRAPPY weed they’ve turned into a synthetic pill that has 8 pages of side effects attached to it.

  6. Dood Is Here on

    hey kevin, there are still major concerns about growing tobacco plants…
    “While gardening is therapeutic, there’s irony in every puff of organic, homegrown tobacco, because the nicotine you’re absorbing is a deadly pesticide.
    First, be careful handling fresh tobacco leaves. Touching wet leaves can cause green tobacco sickness, a type of nicotine poisoning. The sickness frequently affects tobacco harvesters, usually migrant workers lacking adequate protection.
    Children exposed to high levels of nicotine from wet leaves often require hospitalization.”
    source (of many) –

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