marijuana grow operation, Do’s and don’ts for designing and building a cannabis cultivation facility

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the January issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

Building out a marijuana grow operation can land business owners in a quagmire of lost time and money if they don’t think ahead and follow some time-honored advice.

According to experts interviewed by Marijuana Business Magazine, entrepreneurs looking to construct a cultivation facility need to:


  • Pay close attention to location, factoring in climate variables and the cost of equipment to account for the environment.
  • Make sure they have enough capital to ride out any unforeseen circumstances, which are inevitable.
  • Develop a realistic timeline, which should account for delays such as working with local regulators.
  • Avoid acting as a general contractor. Seek out someone with relevant experience.
  • Shop around for several bids. If someone offers to do it on the cheap, be wary that person might try to cut corners.

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