Proposed Rules Could Limit Size of IL Market

Illinois released draft regulations today outlining how patients will be able to register for medical marijuana cards.

The proposed rules would create some barriers that might ultimately restrict the size of the market for dispensaries.

Under the proposal, patients would have to fork over $150 a year for MMJ cards, undergo a background check and pay between $30 and $60 to get fingerprinted. They’d also need to develop a bona-fide relationship with a doctor that goes beyond a simple recommendation for medical marijuana, and physicians would need to keep detailed records of their meetings with patients.

Caregivers would have to pay an annual fee of $125, and they would be allowed to obtain medical cannabis from a dispensary for patients.

Perhaps most controversial: Patients and caregivers would be prohibited from having a firearm owners identification card or a concealed carry permit.

These restrictions – coupled with the fee – could keep some patients from registering with the program.

On the bright side, the state has proposed a nine-member panel to review requests for adding new qualifying medical conditions. Expanding the list of conditions would ultimately lead to a bigger market.

The state’s health department is now accepting public comments on the rules.

Illinois will likely have tens of thousands of patients participating in its medical marijuana program, creating a market worth tens of millions of dollars.

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4 comments on “Proposed Rules Could Limit Size of IL Market
  1. risk wayne on

    finally. an author that printed the fact illinois wants card holders to surrender their firearms. can anyone show me an instance in this country, where you are asked to relinquish your right to bear arms? they could open this program up to full recreational use, and it wouldnt matter. i hope not a single person applies for a card, and not a single license application is submitted.

  2. marty on

    Illinois is such a hellhole. The most liberal dirtbags in the Midwest and they come up with the most draconian MMJ laws ever. They made sure they have provided plenty of room for the connected and the politicians to wet their beaks in this whole mess.

  3. risk wayne on

    ok, after reading many different state’s cannabis bills, they start to blend together after a while. can i get a fresh set of eyes on the illinois dfpr rules concerning dispensaries. did they actually open this program up to allow a FOREGIN COOROPRATION’S to own a dispensary? “holy mexican-cartel connection Batman!”
    “shut-up Robs’! you think the batcave pays for itself!?”

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