Judge orders Illinois to add intractable pain as a medical marijuana condition

An Illinois judge has ruled the state must add intractable pain to the list of medical marijuana qualifying conditions, a move that could greatly expand sales at the program’s 53 dispensaries.

The state health department initially rejected intractable pain as a condition, but Cook County Judge Raymond Mitchell ordered the department to include it, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The health department is expected to appeal the judge’s order, which would put the change on hold.
  • Intractable pain, often referred to as chronic pain, has dramatically increased dispensary sales in states that have added it.
  • More than 29,900 Illinois patients had signed up for MMJ cards as of Dec. 31, 2017.
  • Total retail sales for Illinois dispensaries in 2017 were over $86 million.
2 comments on “Judge orders Illinois to add intractable pain as a medical marijuana condition
  1. Bill Holic on

    Shah is nothing than a brainless Rauner Puppet. This corrupt state should be better when worthless Rauner losses next years election, good riddance governor veto, the worst governor in the country. The only one dumber is Sessions.

    • David Pitstick on

      I have been going by word of mouth whenever I need something taken care of around the house.Word of mouth is a norm a lot of us go by. Last year
      Dr. Nirav Shah said, “A lack of high Quality Data” as a reason for denying a recommendation.
      I believe the Hightest Quality of Data you can get is…Word of Mouth


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