Illinois Again Rejects MMJ Expansion

For the second time in a row – and for the exact same reason – the Illinois health department has rejected a recommendation to expand the state’s qualifying condition list for medical marijuana.

Dr. Nirav Shah, the director of the state’s health department, shot down an attempt to add post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, autism, osteoarthritis and several pain-related conditions to the list of allowable conditions. The state’s own Medical Cannabis Advisory Board recommended adding the conditions to the list.

The decision, announced on Friday, is discouraging for the state’s fledgling MMJ industry, which is desperate for more patients to sign up for the program

Patients can currently receive medical cannabis for 39 aliments, but few people in Illinois actually suffer from those conditions. To date, just 4,000 people have signed up – a smaller-than-expected market for dispensaries and growers.

Shah also shot down a recommendation last fall to add 11 new conditions, saying the state needed time to evaluate how the program is going. That’s the same reasoning Shah used this time around as well, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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7 comments on “Illinois Again Rejects MMJ Expansion
  1. Adam Mintz on

    This is an absolute disgrace to the rights of patients who are pleading for access to medical marijuana for a plethora of debilitating diseases. Not only are patients suffering, but what of the entrepreneurs that have poured tens of millions into the state, created jobs, tax receipts, etc.?Shame on governor Rauner’s administration for lacking any compassion, whether it be for victims of gun violence in South Side Chicago, to the patients that need medical cannabis.

    • Terry S on

      Completely agree Adam! Let’s VOTE HIM OUT!!!
      Out of all the Presidential candidates, only Bernie Sanders has said that he is for Legalizing Cannabis federally and allow the States to decide. I hope others will follow but I doubt it. Even Obama said it will not be in his 2016 agenda before he leaves office.

  2. SnowDog on

    This is exactly what happens with politicians and government committees control medical decisions (or any important decision for that matter). There are no political commissions sitting around reviewing if Vicodin or Hydrocodone should be legal or specifically which ailments Dr’s can prescribe them for. I mention those two drugs because between them they account for more than 75% of all Heroine addiction cases in the US and are the true gateway drugs in this nation. PTSD not an addressable ailment, give me a break. Put ten PTSD patients in Dr. Shas’s office 8 hours a day for a week and he will be singing a different tune, Guaranteed.

  3. Michael Gruber on

    Another frustrating day for Illinois residents. Illinois continues to be disprectful to the pains and needs of its population. It is amazingly to see the ongoing acceleration of pragmatic policies for adult cannabis usage in other states, but with Illinois not only playing catch-up to other states, but setting up an environment that is non-business friendly. Just as Illinois has been scaring away business and residents with high state taxes and property taxes, they seriously threaten the same from entrepreneurs and seasoned business executives trying to build businesses to address the clear medical needs of Illinois’ residents.

  4. Altony on

    I wonder if some high up in hierarchy individuals want this industries to fall so they can pick it up and use as money growing tree? Just look what is happening with this states budget….Nothing! So my question would be : Is it really about Patients, Compassion and Health ? or only money?. Now we all know how this will play out. Governor is a schmuck and we as people chose him, I’m betting he have all his minions doing all this dirty work to make MMJ industry to fail. This industry could pick Illinois out of all the financial problems ..oh but NOO! But Why? Because we vote for wrong people and don’t listen to what are they have to say at the beginning. In my view we should hold them accountable for everything that is happening in this state and make them pay out of there own pocket so in the future this kind of injustice won’t happen.

  5. Tony Rosatti on

    Dr. Nirav Shah is an idiot. Did he not read a report released last month that accidental Vicodin, Oxicodin & other opiate pain medication overdose deaths to are down 25% in Colorado? My sister qualified an Illinois Medical and she has cut down her daily pain pill intake from 8 to 2 pills a day since she started taking medical marijuana. How can Rheumatory Arthritis & Severe Fibromyalgia qualify a person for medical cannabis & regular Arthritis & Fibromyalgia not be on the list of qualifying medical conditions?

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