Illinois delays awarding 80 cannabis business permits

The governor of Illinois on Monday signed an executive order delaying the issuance of 80-plus marijuana business permits that were scheduled to be awarded on July 1, and now it’s unclear when the licenses might be granted.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s order delays indefinitely 40 new craft cultivation permits, 40 infuser licenses and an uncapped number of transporter permits. There’s also no indication when the licenses might be given out.

That has some applicants worried that they could be on the hook for property-rental payments while they wait, since the state required applicants to have business properties lined up before the licenses were awarded.

Several applicants told the Tribune they believe the delays could cost them thousands, if not tens of thousands, in extra rent they might not be able to afford, which could mean the delay cost them the opportunity to enter the industry.

Social equity applicants are among those who now might not be able to get into the industry, the Tribune reported.

Earlier this year, a similar delay occurred for 75 new storefront licenses. Those permits still have not been handed out, nor have the applicants been given a timeline for when the licenses might be granted, the Tribune reported.

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One comment on “Illinois delays awarding 80 cannabis business permits
  1. Michael Wilson on

    The Illinois dely is an attempt to squeeze out (SEA)social equity applicants( AKA) African Americans.Exactly as they did for the cultivation centers. For the white owned large companies there are no delays its been business as usual. Again African Americans have to wait. The reason is if you were required to have space,lawyers and all that go with the process they still want to get paid.So the delay is designed to have Social Equity applicants(SEA) run out of working capital mainly because the process by no means is cheap. So those already with a headstart can come in when SEA funds run out, now it’s a waiting game sound familiar. Illinois Politicians have always attempted to squeezed every dime out of it residents for doing anything why should this be different it doesn’t matter who’s in office does it. Or it could be they haven’t figured out how to make enough money for themselves from the industry.

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