Illinois medical cannabis market rises as regulations loosen

The medical marijuana market in Illinois is growing, especially after the addition of MMJ as an opioid alternative – a development that, if sustained, could significantly boost sales for businesses in the state.

State officials reported that MMJ card applications had reached 44,000 recently, news site noted.

That’s roughly 2,000 more than when Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican, signed legislation in late August to allow the use of medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids.

At the same time, Illinois eliminated criminal background checks and fingerprint requirements for MMJ patient applicants.

Even before those moves, the Illinois MMJ market was growing steadily, with the number of patients more than doubling in the past 15 months, according to state figures.

The Illinois market also has the potential to be headed toward other changes.

J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat who supports legalizing recreational marijuana, has opened a formidable double-digit lead over Rauner as Illinois’ gubernatorial race heads to the final stretch.

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2 comments on “Illinois medical cannabis market rises as regulations loosen
  1. Molly on

    The fees paid for the MMJ were to be used for ‘Administrative costs’ for the program. I would be interested to see where that $$ is ACTUALLY going.

    • Stephen on

      Back to the state so they can continue to improve programs like this. People tend to forget, Quinn signed the MMJ program into law. Rauner then spent two years fighting it in the courts and also vetoed the law twice. He and his cronies have made it as difficult as possible for patients to get medication. He is on record of saying he is “not a fan of medical marijuana”.

      He doesn’t take it seriously. If you do, then you will do the research that clearly shows that if you value medical marijuana, you are voting against your interest if you vote for people like Rauner. Pritzker is far from perfect, but he is one of the better candidates nationally when it comes to both medical and legal marijuana.

      Programs require money to run, so yes there are going to be “administrative costs” to process paperwork. The more people that are on this program, the less it will cost patients like myself. I paid 100.00 dollars for my application fee. My doctors visits were covered by Obamacare. I already had a PTSD diagnosis on record.

      You do know you can track state funding sources? I have a feeling that you are trying to suggest something conspiratorial is going on. What I really hope is that you are not watching dumb attack ads and being misled.

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